Andreou & Casson, Ltd. wins stunning mid-trial victory. In a case involving an alleged breach of a commercial lease, the Plaintiff dismissed all claims mid-trial prior to cross-examination of the principal of the landlord. For nearly three years the Plaintiff asserted that our client breached a 5-year commercial lease and owed nearly $1.8 Million in damages. We were able to produce evidence pre-trial that not only was the lease not breached, but that the landlord obtained control over cash assets of our client and paid itself all rent owed plus an additional $190,000. While the Plaintiff dismissed all claims with prejudice, counterclaims against the landlord remain viable.

The Plaintiff ultimately abandoned both of its claims after impeachment documents were presented to counsel for the Plaintiff eviscerating all of the Plaintiff’s contentions. Special recognition goes to our associate, Courtney Lindbert, who deftly identified key information from the Cook County Treasurer’s office showing the Plaintiff never paid the claimed real estate taxes and that the property was leased to another entity. Good work and great lawyering, Courtney.