Andreou & Casson, Ltd. wins anotherĀ one before the jury is seated. As defense counsel to a common carrier, in a case with potential expose in excess of $1,000,000.00, the Plaintiff dismissed all claims after motions in limine to exclude the Plaintiff’s medical bills were filed with the Court. One of our principals, Frank J. Andreou, argued that the Plaintiff had failed to present sufficient evidence to support an award of damages and, noticing the Plaintiff also failed to file a jury demand, withdrew his jury demand. The deft procedural maneuver panicked Plaintiff’s counsel, who then dismissed the case by non-suit. Another great job, and great victory for Frank and Andreou & Casson, Ltd. Again, special thanks and recognition goes to our associate, Courtney Lindbert, who, coming off of one trial immediately into another, prepared a superlative defense and procedural strategy. Good lawyers are hard to find, but great ones are priceless. Great job, Frank and Courtney.